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The competitive aspect of the design industry can be bloodshot, but due to passion and hard work, even the smallest business in this industry can stand out and be more than just a design company.

Grafichaus Intermedia, Ilp. has a mission and it's to give customer satisfaction with a touch of heart and soul. To them, graphic design is not only work, but it deserves love and respect. They want to take part in placing limited restriction when it comes to graphic design. They want to be able to reach out to society with the skills and talents they can provide their clients.

"We are an extensive group of thinkers, designers, and artists who dare to dream.

Our main passion is to captivate an audience; tease, tempt, entertain with an elusive mix of fresh ideas and juicy design.

Although small, we are a prolific award winning, yet never been defined by one media, design oasis. We provided our clients with dynamic solutions, reaching our clients."

The Craz-eative Team


Andrew Tan

Creative Director

Andrew,  co-founder of Ascend Interactive Studio, while working on a school project and found new joy of work in life thus set it up with Colin, while still is the brain behind this operation. Grafichaus Intermedia is his baby and he is very proud how far it has grown over the years.



Cissel Tan

Art Director

Cissel, a meticulous designer, been in the design industry for more than 2 decades. She is conscientious when it comes to all branding campaign and has a flair in giving the best solution for the client. Clean and precise is her design style.


Colin Chong

Marketing Director

Colin, a true entrepreneur, wanted to do more with his life. In 2020, he attended a course at Mages Institute of Excellence and co-founded Ascend. He met Andrew at school and soon joins forces, being roped in to join Grafichaus Intermedia. Colin also works with audio and interior design industry.


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